“Cowboy” Sympathizes With Teammate Jon Jones

ufc cowboy

Go Get Some Donald Cerrone

Jon “Bones” Jones is currently in the middle of some serious accusations and his life as he knew it flipped upside down. Jones once sat atop the light heavyweight division with gold slung over his shoulder. The legal troubles he got himself into not only forced him to be suspended, but the UFC stripped him of his title as well.

No matter what happens to him, it seems like his training partners have his back and will support him. UFC 187’s Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone sat down with Yahoo Sports and shared his thoughts on the Jon Jones situation. “OK, so this is my talk on Jon Jones,” Cerrone said. “Had the cameras and the spotlight been on me when I was doing all my screwing up, it would’ve been. … I would have been in a lot of trouble. People would have been like, ‘Oh, God, he’s a degenerate. He’s an idiot. Jon is just young. He’s got a lot of money and making the mistakes. Sure, he should he have hired a driver, absolutely. But he didn’t and now he’s in the public eye and it’s tough.”

“I’ve definitely made bad decisions,” Cerrone said. “He’s gonna bounce back.”

Do you think Jon Jones will bounce back? Will he eventually make a return to the octagon? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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