Cowboy To Pettis: “I’ll see you again”

Donald Cerrone

“I didn’t even know he was saying those things so that goes to show how much I give a s–t about him. It’s true, whatever. There’s nothing I can say to that mother—–r. He did beat me in under three minutes. He kicked me and I dropped. I can’t beat around the bush and say ‘oh well he did this or he did that’. The son of a b—h beat me. I can’t even rebut him. We’re going to fight again. Absolutely. I’ll be godd—ed if things don’t go differently. He wants to say ‘I beat Cowboy in under three minutes’, whatever dude. I’ve got no rebuttal other than to say I’m going to keep fighting and I’ll see you again.”

In a recent interview with FOX Sports, top UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone talked about rematching the current champ, Anthony Pettis.

Think he can fare better in a second fight?

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