Cowboy: ‘When I get that belt, I can really “F” Off’


“I stay training year-round. I don’t really have a camp. I don’t do an eight-week or 12-week camp. I just keep going all the time. That way, if I’m sore or I’m tired and want to go snowmobiling for a week? I just go.”

“I think I have an understanding with the UFC and they kind of just let me do it because I come to fight and I don’t get injured. And, if I do get injured, I still fight. I feel that me doing that is who I am. So, I have to go crazy and rock climb and go snowmobiling. I do have a bet with (UFC President Dana White) that 10 days prior to an event, I will not do any activities, and that’s my word, so I won’t do that. It sucks because Memorial Day weekend, we’re fighting. That’s prime f-cking wakeboarding conditions. I’ll have my boat and I’ll be able to pull everybody and I’ll just be watching.”

“Am I worried about not taking this fight serious? No, I’m taking it super serious. Then, when I get the belt and I get my money, I can really f-ck off.”

In a new interview with, Donald Cerrone talks about his tireless attitude in and out of the cage.