“Cowboy”: “I drink beer all the way up to my fight”


“To everyone out there drinkin’ f-ckin’ beer, thank you. I’m just going to stand up here on this stage and drink ice cold, delicious Budweiser, and hopefully they respect that.”

“Cardio liver? Yes. Absolutely, I’m a terrible role model. Do not follow follow in my footsteps at all. I drink beer because I love it, you know? So, no matter what I do in my life, I’ll never paint myself into a corner or sell my soul. If I had to give up beer because I can’t fight anymore, it wouldn’t happen. That’s just who I am. I have fun, I do crazy sh-t because that’s who I am. That’s why I f-ckin’ stand here today and put my heart out every time for you guys. Drinking beer is who ‘Cowboy’ is, and I drink beer all the way up to my fight.”

During last week’s Fan Q&A in Brazil, Donald Cerrone confessed to being addicted to beer. So much so that he stays sloshed through fight camp.