Couture: Banning Me From My Sons Corner Was Over The Line

For an MMA Legend like Randy Couture, watching your son enter the UFC’s Octagon for the first time and follow in your footsteps has to be a crowning moment.

Ryan Couture, a Strikeforce veteran, made the merge to the UFC a couple of months back and he was forced to do so without his longtime coach and father in his corner.

Dana White and the UFC have banned Randy from ever attending a UFC event. So much so, that they won’t let him corner his son or even buy a ticket.

A harsh and bold move by the UFC brass, but business is business.

Here is Couture’s side as told to Ben Fowlkes.

“In my opinion, that’s over the line … How would he like it if I was in a position to affect his son’s lives and careers that way? On one hand, he wants to tell my son he’ll treat him like any other fighter, and give him an out if he wants out, but then he turns right around and tells him, ‘You won’t be able to have your dad corner you.’ I’ve been part of his camp and part of his career since the beginning. He’s not treating him like any other fighter. I don’t see Greg Jackson being eliminated from Georges St. Pierre’s or Jon Jones’ corners. He’s in the same show I’m in. I think there’s a bit of a double-standard going on there.”

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