Correia To Rousey — ‘You got 99 problems, and this Bethe IS one’


Remember when Ronda Rousey made that comment about having 99 problems but a Bethe ain’t one? Well now the Brazilian fighter is firing back with her own words and telling Rousey to watch out because after their fight she is going to be her nightmare.

“Ronda made fun of me saying she had 99 problems, but I wasn’t one of them. It’s cool, because after August 1, I’ll be more than all of the 99 problems in her life. I will be her nightmare. Ronda talks a lot of crap and people believe her”.

“She said she could beat any men in the bantamweight division. And there’s people who still give credit to such a ridiculous comparison. That’s an insult to the boys. T.J. and Barao could easily stomp her. Ronda has never thrown a jab in in a fight. She has never showed anything, she only has one move that worked on every girl she faced so far. Ronda has never showed true skills in MMA”.

[source:Globo Esporte ParaĆ­ba]

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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