Cormier: ‘Jon Jones Isn’t Afraid Of Anyone’

“As hopeful as I was, as excited as I was, I’m still a realist. I knew the chances of it happening weren’t very big. Everything is what you make it. If I’m going to be down in the dumps, sad, disappointed, it’s going to have an overall effect in my life. It will have an effect on me, it will have an effect on my family, it will have an effect on my kids, it will have an effect on my friendships. So if I’m able to keep things in perspective, if I’m able to maintain a positive outlook on everything, it makes it easier to deal with.”

“Jon Jones isn’t afraid of anybody. I think that’s what we kind of miss in this whole ‘he’s ducking this guy, he’s ducking that guy’, Jon Jones isn’t ducking anybody. He’s the champion of the world for a reason and that’s because he’s good.

“I think it’s posturing more than anything. We don’t know his compensation package, we don’t know what he makes, what he wants to make, we don’t know if his decision was based on they didn’t sell as many pay-per-views as he wanted. You don’t know. There’s so many things that go into those types of things.”

In a recent interview with FOX Sports, Daniel Cormier broke down the recent title picture snafu with the champ, Jon Jones.

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