Cormier, Dillashaw, Florian, And Rousey React To The UFC’s New Drug Policy

Jon Jones and Anderson Silva

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During last night’s UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1 broadcast the panel shared their reactions to the UFC’s new enhanced drug testing policy.

Daniel Cormier on the UFC’s new testing policies: “I heard that they are going to continue to test and weed out the guys who are cheating, not only the fans, but the sport. Dana White said they are catching them. It doesn’t matter who they are, you’re going to get caught. More financial penalties need to happen. Out of competition testing needs to happen. That’s the key. Show up at a fighter’s house and test him. Once a fighter relies on PEDs, there’s no going back. There’s a chance they’ll lose everything. These guys have lost themselves in them and can’t compete without them. And they will get caught.”

Dillashaw on harsher penalties for testing positive to PEDs: “To me, I can’t afford to miss more than nine months – for me mentally and my name. It’ll put it in some guys minds that it’s not worth it. I don’t want to be known as a cheater. I’m glad they’re doing this. We’re going to see some changes in some guys – guys who have been on it won’t compete the same again.”

Florian on the UFC’s efforts to address PEDs today: “They said all the right things. The big thing is the out of competing testing. Then fighters can’t cheat it. Will the UFC add in some bigger financial penalties? Some fighters make so much money that they say if they are banned for nine months, who cares? But ban them for two to four years, this is huge. Also, what about recreational drugs? The UFC didn’t address this. But overall, this is going to change the sport forever. We’re going to see a much safer sport.”

Ronda Rousey’s reaction on the UFC’s announcements: “I’m really encouraged by it. It’s very serious. I love that they’re doing out of competition testing and everyone on the card. This is getting more similar to what I did growing up, getting randomly tested at all times. The more we’re tested and higher penalties, the happier I am.”