Cormier Details Difficulties In Making Rashad Evans His Enemy

“It’s difficult because I met Rashad a long time ago, back in college. I have pictures of Rashad cornering me in Strikeforce. It’s a little different than if I had to fight someone else, but as a professional, you have to kind of put it to the side and just train. I think one thing that Rashad and I have done to allow for us to prepare for each other in the best way that we could is we kind of distanced ourselves. This is the first time I’ve heard his voice in a long time. Generally we don’t go that long without talking to each other.”

“I’ve done some things to make Rashad my enemy for Feb. 22; that’s what is hard to do. I step on the treadmill to run and I listen to the music that he comes to the cage to. I watch his fights different than I did before because I have to make him something that he’s never been to me and that’s my opponent and my enemy on Feb. 22.”

Well fight fans, this fight has actually been cancelled. At least for the time being.

Rashad Evans was forced to pull out with an injury, but it’s only a four-week setback. So keep an eye out, this bout might get rebooked.

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