Cormier Believes ‘Big Country’ His Most Dangerous Opponent Yet

“Roy Nelson is the most dangerous guy I’ve ever fought my entire career. He can knock me out with one punch. I’m fully aware of that. They (Silva, Mir and Barnett) don’t have that one-punch knockout power. Those guys weren’t going to just knock me out. Barnett and Mir could have caught me with a submission. But I knew going into those fights that I could stay out of those positions. With Mir, I knew I could just keep him standing. With Barnett, I know how to grapple; I’ve been grappling my entire life, so I knew I could stay out of submissions. But Roy, man, it takes one punch. And it’s not even just his overhand right. He’s got a nasty uppercut, nice left hook, he’s a good grappler, he can take me down, get on top of me and crucifix me and elbow me like he did everyone on The Ultimate Fighter. There is so many ways I can lose to Roy Nelson that my focus needs to be completely on him.”

During yesterday’s episode of ‘The MMA Hour‘ Daniel Cormier went on record to call his upcoming UFC 166 opponent, Roy Nelson, the most dangerous man he’s faced in his short MMA career.

A big statement when you consider his victories over former champs like Frank Mir and Josh Barnett and his total destruction of ‘Bigfoot’ Silva.

Is he speaking the truth or just trying to hype up his bout with Nelson?

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