Conor McGregor: I Don’t Feel it when these Featherweights Hit Me

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Conor McGregor UFC 189

Conor McGregor silenced the doubters last night at UFC 189 when he defeated top-ranked Chad Mendes for the Interim UFC Featherweight Championship.

Fans and experts believed Mendes had what it took to take the fight to the ground and win it there, but McGregor repeatedly made it back to his feet where the fans were treated to some vicious exchanges.

While Mendes succeeded in cracking McGregor with shots the point of busting him open, McGregor claimed during the UFC 189 post fight press conference that he was never in danger.

“I never felt in danger,” McGregor admitted. “I spoke to him through every single exchange. Told him that it was nothing and you’re against a different animal now.”

“I can walk through everything. He hit me maybe one or two times but I felt absolutely nothing,” McGregor stated. “He cut me above the eye on the bottom with an elbow, but other than that, they were glancing blows I was speaking to him, and I knew I was being efficient— That when I had the chance, I was going to crack him with everything I got.”

McGregor has now plowed through six straight opponents in the octagon and he has his sights set on a championship defense. Whether it be against Jose Aldo or Frankie Edgar, McGregor doesn’t seem to be too worried about their knockout power.

“I don’t feel nothing when all these featherweights hit me. I feel like a concrete block,” he said.

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