McGregor Defends — Sees Nothing Wrong With UFC’s Reebok Deal!

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In late 2014, Ultimate Fighting Championship announced a landmark deal with Reebok that would eliminate the need for fighters to search for sponsors on fight night. Since then, the execution of the deal has been questionable to say the least.

The recent details of the payout and dispersement of money between fighters is rubbing some athletes the wrong way. Miesha Tate recently stated that she feels as if the deal is unfair for women and she will be losing up to 80% of her usual fight-night income.

Reebok sponsored and UFC Featherweight Title challenger Conor McGregor, however, thinks the deal is justified through the fighter’s actions in the octagon. “You can not expect to be debut, two, three fights in, wins and losses, middle of the road, and not generating anything and expect to be given everything,” McGregor said during his open workout on Thursday. “You’ve gotta go and you’ve gotta take it.”

McGregor addressed the fighters’ comments on the deal and how it will be hurting their pockets come fight night. “I mean, it is what it is. You can either sit and you can moan and complain and become bitter about it, and then the energy will take over you and more bitterness will come, more negativity will come, and it will grow and grow and grow. Or you can sit back and say: ‘It’s time now to put in the work, to get them Reebok sponsorships’. To get them big sponsorships, you need to put in the work. You need to show up, you need to say what you’re gonna do and you need to go out and do it.”

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