CONFIRMED! GSP’s UFO Did Exist, Event Did Happen

GSP Aliens

Do they walk among us? Or in this case, fly around us.

Long time UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is a believer in the extraterrestrial. So much so that he believes he may have had his memory erased by those little green fellows. Check that part out here.

So he’s crazy right? We can all agree that GSP should lay off the X-Files for a while right? Not so fast. During that same interview with Chael Sonnen on his podcast, You’re Welcome, the former champ discussed a UFO sighting he experienced.

“I never said . . . I never talk about aliens. I talk about non-identified flying objects. And if you don’t believe me, one day I was in Albuquerque . . . with Rashad Evans and Mike van Arsdale, a fighter called Alejandro, he’s a Mexican guy, and also Ali (Abdel-Aziz), I believe he managed Frankie Edgar. And we’re all in the car. And you could ask any of those guys . . . we were in a car in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the highway, and we saw a UFO all together.”

“I don’t know what it was,” he continues. “But it’s something that we cannot explain . . . it came swift towards us and right away it changed directions and it disappeared.” [transcribed by]

Now, World Series of Fighting matchmaker Ali Abdel-Aziz is backing up the story and claiming that it is all true. Thanks to Bleacher Report for getting to the bottom of this cosmic question. Here’s what Abdel-Aziz had to say:

“We were just driving in the car and we see these crazy lights. It was a crazy shape,” Abdel-Aziz told Bleacher Report. “I don’t even know how to describe it…It wasn’t just small. It looked like a car in the sky, like a space ship or something, you know? It was shaped crazy. I don’t know how to describe it.”

“I never believed in this stuff, you know? And it freaked me out,” he said. “It happened, and to this day, I never really discussed it with anybody. But he (Georges) is not crazy. I saw this thing a couple months later, I saw the same exact thing. Something that looked similar to it. It was in the sky for like 10 minutes. By myself.”

“I was in the car by myself driving back from Greg Jackson’s gym to where I was staying, and I saw it again. And I never really discussed it with anybody because I know how people are, they’ll think I’m crazy or something. Everything Georges is saying is 100 percent true.”

There you have it, go to Albuquerque if you want to see some aliens. Check out the full interview below.


By Ryan C. Miller | Twitter

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