Cole Miller Wants Conor McGregor To Earn His Hype Through Fighting, Not Talking

“You come in and you say you’re getting ready to fight (Jose) Aldo, and you call out the entire top 10,” Miller said. “Two of those guys are my teammates, and you’re going to call all of them out, and not even going to finish this guy that you just fought, who is not an experienced fighter – who is actually getting all his experience in the UFC. And you’re going to get the fast track? No, I don’t think so. He might be able to beat my ass. But that’s my point: Come beat my ass, and then you can move up the ladder.”

Cole Miller is still fuming over the ‘undeserved’ hype of Conor McGregor.

The ATT featherweight recently took his frustrations to where he offered up a solution to his beef with McGregor, a fight.

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