Coker On MMA Contracts: “Something Needs To Change”

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With the class action lawsuit filed against the UFC at the end of 2014, there has been much talk about the current state of MMA, specifically fighter contracts.

Many fans, and a select few fighters, are calling for a change to the segment of contracts that bars fighters from competing in another promotion, and leaves the fighter locked into his or her contract with the promotion unless the promotion chooses to release them. In addition the fighter cannot accept an offer to fight for another promotion.

Bellator MMA President Scott Coker spoke to BloodyElbow regarding the current state of MMA contracts, saying:

“I think something needs to change. What it is I haven’t pinpointed it yet but I think something needs to change. And I think to get all the promoters on the same page is going to be really challenging unless it comes from the government or is something that’s government mandated. But everyone is kind of running their own business, right? So you have ten different versions of a contract, but I think something needs to change because I think it would make it a more competitive landscape if there was something…”