Cody McKenzie: “I’d fight Dana White for free”

dana white

“I would love to fight Dana White. I’d love to beat him up. He talks bad about fighters all the time, disrespects fighters. Yeah, he’s a piece of work.”

“It’s just a joke. I’ve heard stories about Dana tipping waitresses big money and it’s like, ‘Damn that’s more money than I get paid a year.’ That sucks.

“There’s a bunch of guys getting their heads pounded in to make them that money struggling. They don’t understand the other end of it. They don’t understand the struggle. Dana runs around running his mouth all the time about fighters.”

“…Dana has never been in a fight,” McKenzie said. “I’d fight Dana for free.”

In a recent interview with, former UFC fighter Cody McKenzie talked about his recent retirement, and why he would fight UFC President Dana White.



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