Cody McKenzie Donates A Pint Of Blood To Make Weight

cody McKenzie Wins PNG

Cody McKenzie is gearing up for the BattleGrounds MMA O.N.E tournament tonight, which follows the old-school one night tournament format.

After missing weight for the event, McKenzie opted to donate a pint of blood, which apparently weighs in at about a pound, in order to shed the last pound in order for him to compete in the event.

MMAFighting broke the news earlier today, which left many fight fans scratching their head as to why a fighter would voluntarily give that much blood the day of a fight.

MMAFighting reached out to Dr. Ali Mohamadi, for a statement regarding the potential unsafe action of donating a pint of blood on fight day. However Dr. Mohamadi said the following:

“There’s no question that among a number of weight-loss options, donating blood isn’t among those typically recommended. Interestingly, the short term side effects aren’t actually that severe; you can get lightheaded or faint for a few hours, but the actual volume of fluid that’s taken is replenished within 24 hours.


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