Cody ‘No Love’ Garbrandt Chronicles His Journey To Team Alpha Male- Exclusive

cody Garbrandt




Fresh off an impressive win at UFC 182, Team Alpha Male fighter Cody ‘No Love’ Garbrandt spoke with BJPENN.COM Radio about his journey to the team and what his plans are for the future.

Garbrandt opened eyes when he stopped Marcus Brimage with strikes in the last 10 seconds of his UFC debut. The UFC bantamweight fighter is now another name to look out for in a division that already features his training partners Uriah Faber and of course the champ, T.J. Dillashaw.

“We’ve got a good list of fighters in there, 4 in the UFC at the same weight, we’re all training partners and buddies so we’re all on the same mission, cracking down on who ever isn’t a Team Alpha Male member.”

The Ohio native talked about his journey in mixed martial arts and how he always found comfort and joy in training and being at the gym, no matter what turmoil was going on in his personal life, “When I was in the gym training– had a purpose, focused on something– that’s when life was good, I had something to look forward to.” Garbrandt said, “I always believed this is what I wanted to do.”

Eventually after turning pro and winning his first fight, he made a decision to go to California and train with Team Alpha Male, a team known for having some of the top guys in the game right now, “I went out there one week, stayed there for a week, trained with the guys. The first day I worked with Faber we got done, walked off the mat and he asked me what I want to do and I said I want to fight in the UFC, I want to be a UFC champion.”

Even after one week he felt the positive effects of training with the team. He went back to the east coast to fight, but didn’t leave without taking some well-earned confidence with him, “It was one of those things that gave me confidence, I went out there and worked with them and knew that I could hang and train and go with those guys who are the top in the world.”

“I kept coming out after my fights. I wanted to move out there, that was my plan, but I kept getting fights. I would pack up my suitcases, go out there and stay for 5-6 weeks, come back for the fight back here in the east coast. I did that for 4 fights, then I finally moved out there in July, then I took a fight in October, flew back to Ohio and won that one by knockout. After that I got signed to the UFC.”

‘No Love’ put it simply when he said, “That gym has helped me out so much.”

After the impressive debut Garbrandt said he immediately went to Sean Shelby [UFC matchmaker] and asked about getting another fight. Apparently the win wasn’t so impressive to Garbrandt who called the performance one of his worst. Sometimes you can’t please everyone, including yourself.

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By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter