Coach: ‘We all love Overeem here at Jackson’s MMA’

With his recent move to Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico, many wondered if, UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem would be able to adapt to the Team Environment.

Apparently he has, Coach Greg Jackson told,

“We all love him, so it’s really up to him. If he’s like, ‘Man I’m sticking around, this is fun’ then great. If he’s like, ‘You guys are a bunch of idiots’ that’s not great. The ball’s in his court. Things seem to be jelling really well.”

For ‘The Reem’ the sentiment seem mutual,

“We’ve been training every day, two times a day. It’s a very positive vibe in the gym, and I actually like the scene, too. I mean, it’s no Miami in the sense of [flashiness]…It’s not a world destination, but for me I like the people. It’s friendly. It’s not too big a city. There’s plenty of good restaurants, and for training camp it has everything I need.”

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