Coach: ‘Ronda can beat Holly Holm in a boxing match’


“Ronda beats Holly in a boxing match. “I don’t believe it — I know so. And I believe in my fighter a lot.”

“We have her sparring with boxing world champions in the gym. I’ve never seen Ronda lose a single round. You don’t see guy MMA fighters out there — name me one — that can get the best of boxing world champions. Within every round. Maybe one round they might. I’m not going to underestimate any of the fighters out there or talk negative about any of the MMA fighters out there. They’re great. There’s a few of them can really box and they do box with professional world champions. But not the way Ronda does.”

During Wednesday’s media day in Glendale, Edmond Terverdyan, Ronda Rousey’s head coach broke down his fighter’s striking skills, and boasts about her ability to best boxing world champions with ease.


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