Coach: Nick Diaz Will Fight Again

Nick Diaz

“Let’s face it. He’s a fighter and he’s gonna fight. It’s gonna happen.”

“I think a guy like him is better served doing big fights, no matter where they’re at,” Gracie said. “Seriously, no matter where the fight is — even if he has to go down a lighter weight than even 170. He wants big fights. That’s what motivates him. I think that’s what the greatest guys did was they didn’t look so much at weight classes, but they looked at the big fights that motivate them.”

“I don’t want to see Nick go out there and fight some guy he never heard of at 170 or some up-and-comer. He’s already past all that. He deserves the respect of having big fights.”

During a new interview with, Nick Diaz coach Cesar Gracie revealed that he believes his fighter will fight again.