Coach: McGregor Already Out Of Aldo’s Head — Now it’s time for a “Beating!”


“Did Conor get into Aldo’s head? If he did, he got out pretty quick after seeing the bad things Aldo is thinking about doing with him. Easy guys, everyone has a role in this fight. Dana (White) is in his role to promote, Conor to talk and Aldo to put a beating on fight night. Aldo’s tour ended today. Now it’s time to train. The rest is joker’s joke,” he said. “On July 11, you will all listen ‘and still UFC featherweight champion of the world, Jose Aldo Junior’.”

In a new post to, Andre Pederneiras, the founder of Jose Aldo’s camp Nova Uniao, responded to all the antics that went on during the recent UFC world tour.