Coach: ‘Hendricks Came In Too Heavy, He Has To Take Responsibility For That’

Johny Hendricks UFC Halifax

Former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks was rushed to the ER on Thursday after trying to cut weight. He ended up with an intestinal blockage and a kidney stone and was eventually pulled from his fight with Tyron Woodley, scheduled for UFC 192 on Saturday night. The fight was canceled and everyone was pretty disappointed.

For one, it looked like a great fight on paper and fans and fighters really wanted to see how it played out. Also, it was disappointing because Hendricks has had issues with his weight in the past and this is just another one in a pretty long list.

We got a little bit from Hendricks who said that the weight cut was going fine until it wasn’t. He said his body started to break down and that’s when the emergency situation happened.

However, his strength and conditioning coach Adrian Ramirez told MMAJunkie that really, the problems started a long time ago, when Hendricks came into camp too big.

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“I think that he just came in too heavy for this camp, and it was just waiting until the last minute before zoning into his diet. I think that was the biggest issue he had with this camp. I think it was just waiting until the last minute to really get this weight off.”

“Last camp, for the fight with Matt Brown, we had made a pact that he wouldn’t get above 195 – and he did that successfully for that camp. He stayed under 195. Last camp was one of the best weight camps we’ve ever had in the history of Johny’s fighting career. He did everything right, stayed on the diet and was where we wanted him to be.

“This camp he came in around 210 or 205, which is a little too heavy for our liking. I think that’s the biggest factor in this camp – just coming in too heavy and starting his meal prep a little bit too late.”

“Other than that, Johny started too late on his weight cut, and he has to take full responsibility for that.”

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