Coach: ‘Don’t be surprised when Werdum defeats Velasquez’

“Werdum has what it takes to submit or knock Cain Vealsquez out. I don’t agree when people say Werdum shocked the world against Fedor. There’s no such thing in MMA. It’s a fight and both fighters are ready. I won’t be shocked when Werdum defeats Velasquez. I already expect that… We know that Cain Velasquez main weapon is his cardio, and Fabricio showed how good his cardio is now, that he has a great ground game and good takedowns. He’s ready for everything. This is Werdum’s moment. He will be the UFC champion. I don’t see any result but the win.”

Rafael Cordeiro, head coach to Fabricio Werdum recently told that he has full-confidence in his student come fight night.

Werdum and Velasquez have just wrapped up the filming of ‘TUF: Latin America’ and will fight in the first ever UFC Mexico event later this year.

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