Chope Removed From Tonight’s UFC Card For History Of Domestic Violence

After making weight and going through the motions of fight night, UFC Fight Night 38 competitor, Will Chope (pictured),┬áhas been released by the UFC and had his fight against Diego Brandao cancelled on less than a day’s notice.

UFC Fight Night 38 goes down tonight from Natal, Brazil.

This sudden shift to tonight’s card comes on the heels of a report released by Bleacher Report citing several instances of domestic abuse and violence from the fighter, including a discharge from the U.S. Airforce due to violence.

The UFC, not pleased with the fighter’s violent past, opted to remove him from their roster without a second thought.

Tonight’s ‘UFC Fight Night Natal: Henderson vs. Shogun’ event will go down without the presence of TUF winner, Diego Brandao, but the UFC recently confirmed that he will receive his show and win bonuses regardless.