Champion Rafael Dos Anjos Almost Quit MMA

Rafael Dos Anjos WINS


“I thought of quitting many times. When I was still fighting in Brasil, I would make 1,500 or 3,000 reais (roughly 500 and 1,000 dollars), it was complicated. She was the one who provided for the house. I was fighting for so little I thought I had to get a job. She was the one who told me to I was talented and I would make it, I just had to believe in my dreams.”

UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos told “Ta na Area“, a sports show, that he thought of giving up MMA several times in his career, when he wasn’t making any money and unable to support his family.

It was his wife, Cris, who told him to keep going and was the main provider for the family during that time. And now look at him. Look kids, dreams really do come true.

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