Champ Jose Aldo: “I expect the best” Ready and Motivated

Featherweight champion Jose “Scarface” Aldo Jr. Aldo (25-1MMA) has dominated the featherweight division for the WEC and UFC for the past 7 years. Rumors and speculation play a major role in distracting any fighter going into a fight, much less a championship one.  Aldo is going on record to put a stop to all rumors.

He told VICE, “I expect the best. We’re always well trained and focused. There’s a lot of talk, but I try to stay away from all of this. You have no idea how motivated I am.”

Aldo added: ‘For the love of God, I can’t wait for this fight to happen, so we can prove everything we say.’

He continued, “The first time there was a heavier environment, but not anymore. We’re more focused, and I can say I’m way better prepared than the first time. Aldo appears to not be distracted and clearly has done a “check up from the neck up”, leading up to the fight against the outspoken McGregor. “We’re well trained, I was already adapted from the first camp we did with him, and we also know how to deal with his trash talk. It’s way easier now,” Aldo said.

Conor McGregor is apparently taking a different approach to Aldo. McGregor seems more calm, composed for the championship fight on December 12th at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas NV. The UFC knows that this is also a fight that will sell itself, so the need to force extra and early media obligations to hype this fight isn’t necessary.

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