Champ Cruz ‘Fed up’ With Questions About His Cage Absence

“I’m just fed up with the questions about the time off, because it’s like, at what point do you think about what I did before I got hurt? What did I do before I got hurt? Nobody talks about that. I went on a how many fight winning streak? I cleaned out the division, and the standings are still exactly the same as they were when I left two years ago. How come that isn’t being talked about? Only me being out two years is talked about.”

‘By the way Dominick you’ve been out over two years,'” he continued in a sarcastic tone. “‘Hey Dominick, is your knee going to be a problem because you’ve been out over two years?’ So what are you going to say after a while? You’re going to say the knee is not an issue-which it isn’t, and I’m strong and I’m ready to fight.”

During a media luncheon in New York, UFC bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz discussed his return to action after a two-year absence from the sport due to injury.

In the transcript (props: mmamania) the champ said he is fed up of all the questions about his long layoff and how it will impact his performance.

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