Chael Sonnen’s Advice To Jon Jones: ‘Controversy Creates Cash’

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones seems to be close to making his return to the octagon. The fighter dodged jail time and was given 18 months of probation after agreeing to a guilty plea agreement in relation to his felony fleeing the scene charge from his hit and run incident back in April.

The UFC said they will be reviewing his guilty plea agreement and then deciding if his indefinite suspension will be lifted. So, we still don’t know for sure if he’ll return, but, let’s be real.

Anyway, former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen recently appeared on ‘Brutally Honest Show‘ and talked about Jones’ situation, even offering up his own advice as to how he would it all.

Check it out!

“You just don’t quit. You keep going. From a philosophical standpoint, controversy creates cash. If you get in a jam you’ve got to get in a room with smart people and start thinking. If you can’t turn controversy into cash then you’re missing a major opportunity.

“One of my philosophies is that I don’t apologize, but that isn’t a blanket answer. If you’re wrong, apologize, but apologize to the right people. You don’t owe everybody an apology or explanation. If you’re wrong, don’t be afraid to say that you’re wrong. The coverup is always worse than the crime. Take your lumps and you’ll move forward a lot quicker.”

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