Chael Sonnen Wants “To Regain The Trust And The Respect of The Public”

Chael Sonnen quotes
Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen

“What Chael’s hoping for is to regain the trust and the respect of the public. He’s not concerned about his paycheck. He’s a hard-working guy. He’s capable.

“What he wants to do is be a part of the industry that he loves and that he helped build to a large degree. He’s been a focal point in this industry for the last five years. He just wants to get back and contribute something. I know in his heart, he’s such a good guy. That’ll shine through. He has to pay his penance, but I think in some way, shape or form that Chael’s going to contribute in a very positive manner to the sport and to the world.”

Recently, a representative from the Chael Sonnen camp discussed the difficult road ahead, for the Oregon G. (Replay HERE)

Do you want to see Chael return following his two-year suspension?

(Image via The Mirror.Co.Uk.)

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