Chael Sonnen shares his intriguing input on Kenny Florian’s plagiarism incident

Chael Sonnen

It was kind of a big deal.

FOX took it into their own hands to suspend Kenny Florian for failing to cite some quotes that he used while working on an article for the FOX Sports website, which resulted in an act of plagiarism. Dominick Cruz fueled the fire and threw a “friendly” verbal jab after winning the UFC bantamweight title and it caused a lot more people to be interested in the matter and the story between the two FOX analysts.

Fellow MMA analyst Chael Sonnen spoke on the Brutally Honest Show to give his insight on Florian’s incident.

“So on the K-Flow thing, yeah, you can’t do plagiarism,” stated Sonnen. “Plagiarism is a little bit of a bad word compared to what it actually is. Plagiarism is where you take somebody else’s words or quotes, or in this case writing, and you pass them off as your own. You can’t do that. If you’re in college, you’ll get expelled, it’s a very big deal. Kenny was the first to say, man I screwed up, I owe this guy a citation. If you simply cite the guy, you can do all of those things.”

“You can walk a line of what’s plagiarism and what’s not. If you put quotations up it’s ok to do. If you don’t put the quotations up it’s this terrible thing to do. So Kenny’s in the wrong, he’s definitely in the wrong. I’m just saying let’s keep it in the lines here, he didn’t do a murder ok. He wrote something down and didn’t put the quotes, he got suspended, he got embarrassed, as far as I’m concerned we’re square. I don’t think you have to throw the guy off the desk completely,” Sonnen said.

Chael added, “He’s not a writer, why he chose to write in the first place, I don’t know, it’s not what he does and he didn’t follow the code”

Sonnen ended on the situation saying, “I don’t think it’s the world’s biggest deal. I really don’t. I think his embarrassment alone man, I think we’re square.”

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