Chael Sonnen Punishment Handed Down, Suspension And Move To NSAC Drug Advisor Part Of Deal

Today in Las Vegas, Chael P. Sonnen appeared in front of the Nevada State Athletic to answer to charges of two failed drug tests for five different performance enhancing and/or banned substances.

While Sonnen offered absolutely zero defense, the commission and prosecution opted to engage in a lengthy hearing with expert testimony from physicians and Sonnen himself.

Sonnen remained silent unless called upon for questioning and insisted at a plea of guilty to all the facts found within the NSAC’s case against him.

In the end, the commission handed down a suspension/revocation of his fighting license for a term of two years , as well as a fine in the amount of the expense reimbursement for his drug testing. He will not be allowed to fight in any other jurisdiction in that period of time.

As part of a deal for no-fine additional fines, Sonnen will work for the commission as an advisor and anti-drug promoter. He must educate the commission on drug testing and drugs as well as help with a PR campaign to educate fighters.

The motion passed unanimously.

Chael took the punishment in silence, without issue or objection and accepted all terms.

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