Chael Sonnen: Mike Tyson’s Opponents Threw Their Fights, Not Anderson Silva

The self-proclaimed ‘Oregon Gangster’ is at it again with another ludicrous statement about the world of combat sports.

This time, Chael Sonnen took to a radio show at 98.5FM to discuss the conspiracy theories surrounding the UFC 162 Anderson Silva loss. While doing so he made an odd comparison to the opponents of ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson during his reign as the Heavyweight champion of the world.

Check it out.

“Here’s what you gotta understand, he got knocked out cold. You don’t throw a fight by getting knocked out cold. You do what the guys did against Mike Tyson, you just pretend you’re knocked out cold. You stay down until the ref says 10 and then you pop back up to your feet and act like, ‘Where am I?’ Here’s the deal, he could of either fought serious and got beat up or clowned around and got beat up. But if he clowns around, he could also go, ‘Oh, I was just clowning around.’ So, they’re going to rematch and he’s going to get beat up again. This is not me speaking out against Anderson Silva, he’s excellent and he’s had an amazing career, but he’s no Chris Weidman and he’s never going to be.”

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