Chael Sonnen Has A Message For Jose Aldo And His Team


Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen still has plenty to say, even though he’s not a fighter anymore. Sonnen has a popular podcast, ‘You’re Welcome‘, and works as an analyst for ESPN. Recently the OG appeared on The MMA Hour and discussed a wide array of topics, of course, including Aldo vs. McGregor.

Sonnen let it be known that he thinks it’s ridiculous that the news of Aldo’s rib injury was made public. He said if that was his teammate who told a reporter that he had suffered an injury, well, he wouldn’t be his teammate for much longer.

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“I would never come in with an excuse. If I had a broken rib, you damn sure would never know about it. If one of my teammates came out and did an interview about how he broke my rib, he’s no longer my teammate. It’s a simple as that. I would never discredit the sport or my opponent by reading my injury list before or after the fight. I’ve always thought it’s a very underhanded thing to do and it’s a very cowardly thing to do, to come out and say I’m hurt, particularly if you win a fight. […] Your message is very clear. You’re saying, I beat you, and had I been healthy, I would’ve beaten you even easier. So as far as legacy goes, the one thing that I’m proud of was that I would always compete. I was looking to compete. I was never a bully, I would take on everybody at anytime. Whether that was the No. 1 guy in the world or whether that was the No. 100 guy in the world, it didn’t make any bit of different. If somebody wanted to fight, I would show up and fight.”

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