Chael Sonnen Blasts Wanderlei Silva

Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva share a long and well documented rivalry. However fight fans aren’t going to be able to watch it play out in the cage. After refusing to take a pre-fight drug test, Wanderlei was removed from the card and replaced by Vitor Belfort. After Wanderlei was removed from the bout, rumors circled that he had been cut by the UFC. However UFC President Dana White said that wasn’t true.

Chael Sonnen spoke to about Wanderlei’s future with the UFC, and what he would like to see happen.

I don’t want to see Wanderlei fired. I don’t think he will ever fight again. He can’t be trusted again. But he has a family. I know that he has a gym that is a total disaster and I don’t think that he has better options. I have no interest fighting him. I don’t want to face someone that doesn’t want to face me. I don’t do that kind of bullying. If he doesn’t want to fight me, I’ll move on.

If something good happened this week is that all my suspicions of the cheating by this guy throughout his career turned out to be true. And it was the redemption for those guys that have fought against him.

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