Chael Sonnen: ‘All of Wanderlei’s fight’s in Japan were fixed, he wasn’t a real champ’

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Hey guess what? Chael Sonnen has something not very nice to say about Wanderlei Silva. Yes, the war of words continues between the two coaches of the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3. The show is set to air March 9 on UFC Fight Pass and the coaches are expected to fight following the season.

In an interview on Wrestling Observer Radio, Sonnen had plenty to say when it came to Silva’s dominating years in Japan,

“Well, I outed him many years ago for those fights in Japan being fake. I was the first one to ever come out and go, “Time out guys, that referee is wearing an earpiece…these matches aren’t real” And as soon as I said that, and I knew guys who had been in the locker room, I had teammates that fought over there. The promoter comes in with ten grand in cash and tells you how this match is going to go. But I was the first one to out him, and as soon as I outed him publicly, I then got support; whether it was Goodridge or Coleman or Frye. They all came out and were like “Yeah, Chael’s right. These were fixed.” So it is what it is, but the guy wasn’t a champion and I’m speaking out of anger, this whole thing came out of anger. I’m a struggling fighter sitting on my couch watching this guy pretending to win fights, and it pissed me off.”

What do you guys think of Sonnen’s comments? Any truth here, or is Wanderlei still a legend in your eyes?

By: Ryan C. Miller

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