Chad Mendes Has Aldo’s Back, Defends Him Against Injury Backlash

Jose Aldo


“What sucks for Aldo is that he just gets injured a lot. It’s something that’s been reoccurring, so a lot of people are just starting to get irritated, I think. But like I said, injuries are really out of our hands, guys. We train, we try to be as safe as we can, but you do realize this is MMA, this is a sport where we’re continuously beating on our bodies every single day. We try to take all the precautions we can, all the right gear and stuff to keep from that stuff happening. But a lot of this stuff you just can’t control it.”

UFC featherweight Chad Mendes defends the champion Jose Aldo, who pulled out of UFC 189 with a rib injury. Mendes told the media on Wednesday that it’s just something that happens and is out of the control of fighters.

Do you think Aldo’s injury could have been prevented?

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