Chris Weidman Responds To Vitor Belfort’s ‘Cycling’ Comment

Chris Weidman

Earlier in the week, UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort spoke to the media in Brazil, to promote his upcoming fight with Dan Henderson. But of course, Chris Weidman’s name came up.

Belfort ended up saying that while everyone was worried about this testosterone levels for his fight with Weidman, they should have been paying attention to the champ’s.

He said:

“Did he stop cycling? Wasn’t he the one to stop cycling, because his testosterone was low? I was doing a treatment and paid the price, but have you ever thought about it, or no? Nobody ever talked about it. My levels were normal, his levels were low. How a kid at his age has low testosterone? The reality is everybody was doing cycling, with their testosterone. I didn’t hide anything. You all knew what I was doing, I was doing a treatment. And I still have the deficiency, I’m working with supplements and food. I have a life of sacrifice. I don’t have a normal social life. I won’t reveal my secret, and my doctor’s secret, but we have been using natural things to meet this demand.”

Well, Weidmam of course had a comment on the matter.

Here’s what he said in a tweet when asked about Vitor’s claims:

lol yup cycle off position for life. I would never cheat like that guy has been proven to do.




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