Cerrone Got Punched in the Face at Whole Foods

Donald Cerrone


Donald Cerrone is known for taking a fight on short notice anytime, anyplace. Cerrone has racked up an incredible seven wins in a row with this attitude and a victory at “UFC 187” could earn him a shot at Rafael dos Anjos’ lightweight championship.

He almost went 8-0 after getting into an altercation at Whole Foods grocery store, though. Donald Cerrone and his wife were walking through the parking lot of the grocery store when a man laid down his horn at Cerrone because he was on his phone.

The man who was driving the car was visibly upset and met Cerrone at his car and proceeded to punch him in the face. Cerrone told Yahoo Sports “I was [expletive] livid – seeing fire in my eyes,” he said. “I look at Lindsay…but now, where I’m at, I just bit the bullet.”

Cerrone warned the man not to touch him again, and tried to drive away. “I told the dude, ‘You know, this is your lucky day.’ He says, ‘Oh yeah! I bet it’s my [expletive] lucky day!’ I was like, ‘Dude, if you touch me again, I can’t control it. I’m gonna bite this bullet and I’m gonna drive away.’… We got in the car and left.”

Knowing that Cerrone possesses the sponsors of Budweiser and FRAM among others, it was wise for him to step away from the confrontation. Would you have walked away without swinging?

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