Case Closed! Brown Cleared In Coach Beatdown

Recently, UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown found himself under fire, after being accused, by his former Jiu Jitsu coach, of a brutal beating over a disagreement.

In an update, local authorities have closed the case on Brown, citing not enough evidence to support the alleged victim’s claims.

Brown took to to discuss:

“Yeah, he straight lied. Not even wrong, just straight lied with some of the stuff that he said in public. I don’t want my name out being out there and everybody thinking I’m some violent, crazy, I don’t know, coach beater-upper or whatever. I’ve got to protect my name; I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

“I think it turned out for the better. I think that coach was bringing things down and being more of a distraction than anything else, so I think it happened for a good reason. Now we’re up here at Strong Style and we’ve got good guys around us all the time.”

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