Caraway Throws Salt On Wound: Happy To Take Healy’s Bonus, Hates Marijuana

The same guy who went on twitter threatening, UFC female champion, Ronda Rousey with physical violence is back throwing out more classless comments for the world to pick up on.

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something to be said for being humble in times when you are rewarded for something you didn’t really deserve.

At UFC 159 veteran MMA Fighter Pat Healy made his UFC debut with a third round submission victory over top contender Jim Miller.

The world learned this week that Healy had failed his post-fight drug test for Marijuana and as a result lost a total of $130,000 in bonus earnings.

With the original ‘Submission of the Night’ victor now ineligible, the bonus money went to the night’s runner-up, Bryan Caraway.

In his latest rant, Caraway, who is the proud recipient of the Pat Healy Submission of the Night Bonus, went on record to to discuss his thoughts on the use or Marijuana and his new bonus money for a second place submission. While showing little class, or even the slightest bit of humility he went on to trash the use of Marijuana and express that he has zero remorse for taking Healy’s bonus earnings.

To me, it’s all just a little too “douchey”.

“I couldn’t be more happy, and it was an insanely pleasant surprise. All I’ve got to say is that’s some expensive weed. I like Healy a lot. I came up through the fighting ranks with him. We used to train together at Team Quest. I love the guy. But I have absolutely zero remorse or guilt. I hate weed. I cannot stand it. I’ve never tried it. I’ve never smoked a drug in my life. So I have absolutely zero tolerance for people that do it. I don’t care if it’s legal in some places or not. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. Whether it’s legal in real life or not, they tell you to follow the rules. You need to follow the rules.”

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