Caraway Coach Explains/Defends Fish Hooking Incident

“I think if it happened to anybody, it would’ve gotten a mention. It’s an abnormal thing. But if a guy gets kicked in the groin in the first round and then gets knocked out in the second, you don’t see people writing headlines like, ‘Groin kick comes before knockout.’ Bryan Caraway Fish Hooks Perez Before Choke,” read the headline. It’s not technically untrue, in a purely chronological sense, but it’s also a little like saying that the glove touch at the start of a fight came before the knockout in the third round of that fight. It is accurate, but it’s very misleading. Had it led to the choke, then yes, it’d be a very different discussion. But it didn’t… I think there’s some jealousy to it. You look at the comments and, right below the fishhooking stuff is someone going, ‘How is that guy dating Miesha?’ That’s just some insecurity and some jealousy from those people.”

In a recent interview with, Caraway Coach Robert Follis explained and defended the actions of ‘UFC Fight Night 24’ winner, Bryan Caraway.

Caraway was seen on live-television fish hooking his opponent, an illegal move in Mixed Martial Arts. However, Caraway, who admitted his error, has apologized and there is no reason to believe his actions were intentional.

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