Calderwood On WMMA: ‘It Shouldn’t Matter If You Look Good Or Not’


Joanne Calderwood seldom speaks out, but it appears Paige VanZant’s recent, seemingly innocent comment, has struck a nerve with Calderwood if what VanZant said it in fact true.

VanZant made an Instagram post, saying the reason she and Felice Herrig will be fighting at UFC on FOX 15 in April because they are the ‘hot girls.’

Calderwood spoke on The MMA Hour about the post.

“If that’s true, then it’s pretty shitty. I mean, it’s like what I was saying about Sean Shelby was saying about my record. I was looking at Paige’s record, and Felice has a lot more experience than her, so how can that happen? I would hope that it doesn’t come down to their looks, because this is sport and at the end of the day it shouldn’t come down to whether you’re good looking or not, it should be because you’re a good fighter or not. But, it’s going to be a good fight between the two of them. I am not going to comment if they are good looking or not, but they are good fighters.”

Calderwood’s reference to Sean Shelby is because Shelby said Calderwood didn’t have an immediate fight lined up because athletic commissions struggle with licensing her to fight lesser experienced opponents with her undefeated 9-0 record.