Calderwood Reveals Personal Problems Lead to Poor Performance


Fan favorite, UFC strawweight Joanne Calderwood didn’t perform up to a lot of peoples expectations in her last outing, losing in just 90 seconds.

Adding more fuel to the strange performance was a message she sent out after the fight, cryptically talking about something that had happened the night before. Basically nothing has been said or discovered about the situation since then, until Calderwood appeared on The MMA Hour on Tuesday.

Jo-Jo is set to face fellow TUF alum Bec Rawlings a UFC Fight Night 72 in Scotland but ahead of that she decided to talk about her last fight a little bit. She had a lot to say, but really, ultimately didn’t say much.

“A lot of things happened before the fight. Obviously I wasn’t at my home team [in Scotland]. I went away to Sweden [for camp], which was good and I got on with a lot of the guys over there. This training was perfect. It’s just, the night before the fight a situation happened and it just took me back, and it kind of was a breaking point for me I think.

“There were so many other things that I just put to the back of my head and I think it was just somebody in my fight camp that should have knew better kind of fu*ked me over. It wasn’t a good night the night before. I didn’t get a lot of sleep.”

“It was just a situation that I found myself in with someone that was in my fight camp at the time. was just not a nice…you know, the night before any fight — and this fight was a really big fight for me — the person that knew me, they should have known first-hand that I was already worried about this fight being not right. But, something happened and I didn’t sleep the whole night and I was worried. I don’t really want to mention names because, I don’t want to be that person.”

Look, it’s only right that fighters have their privacy and personal life, but man, this just makes me want to know what happened even more!


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