CABMMA responds to PED testing accusations

UFC 142: Aldo v Mendes

Following UFC 179, which took place in Brazil at the end of October, Chad Macias came forward to discuss his findings, and said the Brazilian Commission (CABMMA) did not drug test Phil Davis for HGH or EPO. Macias argued that Davis hadn’t been blood tested, which is the only way to test for HGH, and EPO.

The commission responded recently, in a statement to which read:

“… we never affirmed that Mr. Phil Davis did Hgh or any blood test before or after his fight, as stated on our official communication. That was only done on the fighters on the main event – Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes – after their fight. Mr. Phil Davis did our standard panel, plus we included EPO, all done through urine upon arrival at the arena, before his fight.”

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