CABMMA Releases Official Statement On Controversial Aldo Drug Test

Jose Aldo fights Max Holloway at UFC 212

Jose Aldo


Early today, a report from Chris Guinty of Drug Free Sport to the NSAC came out detailing the strange drug testing incident that occurred with Jose Aldo in Brazil, where a tester was detained and told he could not take the random drug test because of visa issues.

The report, seen here, talked about how Aldo was late on several occasions and the CABMMA allowed extra time for him and how a CABMMA tester asked Aldo for his autograph and picture after the sample was eventually taken, possibly hinting at favoritism.

Well, now the CABMMA have released an official statement on the matter:

CABMMA has no intention on detailing the whole incident as Drug Free Sport try to do so in its statement, as we feel that their image and credibility can be severely compromised if all facts were exposed. Our entity does not agree with such unprofessionalism and the sport will not benefit from these comments.

Regarding the visa and immigration problem Mr. Ben Mosier had, we suggest that Drug Free Sport should immediately contact the Federal Police in Brazil to discuss this issue since CABMMA had no jurisdiction and competence to interfere in such matter.

As to the process itself, we were contacted by Mr. Chris Guinty (Drug Free Sport) and Executive Director Mr. Bob Bennett (NAC) on Thursday morning which both asked me personally by phone for CABMMA to promptly collect the athlete’s anti-doping test.

CABMMA understands, that based on the circumstances, the process was done in the best and most appropriate way possible and believes that its conduct was ethical, safe and respectful to all parties involved.

Finally, it is important to state that CABMMA is working along and committed to USADA and ABCD , WADA-accredited agencies, to avoid incidents as these and guarantee golden standards for in- and out-of-competition collection processes, implementing in Brazil a structured and secure anti-doping policy for the sport of MMA.


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