Buchholz: Jon Jones Will “Probably Fight Again In A Year”

Will he come back or won’t he? That’s the question starting to pop up now that Jon Jones has been stripped of his title and indefinitely suspended from the UFC.

It’s similar to the question that fans have been asking about another former UFC champion, Georges St. Pierre. Although the two situations are different, with GSP leaving by choice and apparently he can come back any time and the UFC would welcome him with open arms, while Jones on the other hand was suspended due to his out of the octagon antics and him coming back has a lot to do with several different circumstances.

On Tuesdays episode of Stud Show Radio (formerly Team Alpha Male Radio) the hosts talked about Jones’ situation and the possibility of his return in the future. TAM member and former UFC fighter Justin Buchholz says he expects Jones to return simply because the money that the UFC can make from him is too much to pass up.

“He’ll probably fight again in a year.”

“There’s too much money in Jon Jones to never have Jon Jones fight again.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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