Brian Stann: Machida Coming Back So Soon Could Have Impacted His Performance

Machida and Romero Face Off

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida has now suffered two devastating knockout losses in a row. “The Dragon” proved to still be a game opponent on Saturday night in his fight with Yoel Romero until was taken down in the third round where he took some serious punishment.

Just like in his previous fight with Luke Rockhold in April, Machida was a victim of brutal ground and pound. UFC commentator Brian Stann told MMAFighting before the fight even took place that he believed Machida was coming back too soon after his loss.

“If he has trained very hard, if he’s sparred hard for this fight, I think that could be a problem,” said Stann before UFC Fight Night 70 took place. “You don’t heal from getting hurt like that that quickly. It can still have a ripple effect two months later. I think that’s an interesting thing.”

“It absolutely could [affect Machinda] if he quickly within a month went right back n the gym and started taking shots again, absolutely,” Stann explained. “He can’t do that. We don’t think about that very often in this sport, because these are the toughest athletes on the planet and it’s just not something that’s focused on. We think we’re invincible. But it could manifest itself if he has one of those tough training camps where he took a lot of damage.”

Was Brian Stann right? Do you think Machida’s performance was impacted by his brutal loss at the hands of Rockhold? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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