Brian Ebersole Planned For ‘Fairy Tale Ending’ To MMA Career

Brian Ebersole

MMA veteran Brian Ebersole suffered a knee injury this past Saturday at UFC Fight Night 68, that caused him to stop the fight between rounds and walk away with the loss. That would be the last time he walked out of the cage.

Backstage Ebersole told the media that he was retiring from the sport, having just fought his 70th MMA fight. Ebersole, known for his creative chest hair designs, also suffered his first TKO of his career, which is simply impressive.

While talking on The MMA Hour, Ebersole explained his reasoning for stepping away from the sport and said he wanted a fairy tale ending, things just didn’t work out that way.

“I tried to write a fairy tale ending. It just didn’t quite happen. I wasn’t going to ask the UFC to put me back out for one more fight if I wasn’t going to be 100-percent. If I can’t fight the way I want to fight, I don’t want to fight at all. I don’t want to disparage the sport and myself really by going out there at less than 100-percent.”

Brian Ebersole was a fighter, and for that, thank you.

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