BREAKING HIS SILENCE – ”I do not agree with Joe Rogan”


“We’re sitting down and, I mean, he literally just thrashes me to the fullest extent. You heard me going ‘huh, huh,’ because if I would have spoke you would have heard me crying. I was trying not to cry. My phone blew up. I had 40-45 text messages from friends, family. People going, ‘Walk out right now. Don’t take this right now.

“I don’t agree with Rogan. Some of his points I do agree with. There’s some stuff when you lay it out and look at numbers I can see why he thinks I should move on. The truth is I make about as much doing this show as I do in the UFC. That’s the truth, it’s about identical.”

“Do I think I can compete at a high level and still kind of do [the podcast]? 100%. 100%. I disagree with him there. It’s a fine line between hanging it up and moving on and continuing to fight. Have I had concussions? 100 percent. It’s documented. You’ve seen me in the UFC. I played football for 20 years. I’d rather live my life for 50 years being a warrior than live to 100 being a freaking gazelle. Being a peasant. 100 years as a peasant? Nah, I’ll take the 50 glories.”


Taking to his own podcast “FIGHTER AND THE KID”, ‘Big Brown’ Brendan Schaub finally reacted to the critical bashing recently handed down to him by Joe Rogan (Replay Here).




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